Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How To Sew A Bedskirt

Learn how to sew a bedskirt with easy step by step instructions and easy to read diagrams.

To finish off your custom bedding... or maybe a purchased comforter... sew a bedskirt for the bottom of your bed. You can choose a matching solid color or a complimentary fabric to work with your comforter. A bed skirt hides the storage under your bed, adds height to your bed and completes the look. It also gives you a good excuse to use a fun color to jazz up your room!

What you need:

Lining or cotton fabric. Try to find inexpensive fabric that matches the background color of your fabric. Otherwise white or offwhite is fine.
Sewing machine
Fabric scissors
Straight pins
Thread to match your fabric
Measuring tape

Step 1. Measure your comforter box spring or platform (whatever your mattress rests on). Measure across for the lining width and then from head to toe for the lining length.

Measure from the top edge of your box spring to the floor. Subtract 1/2". This will be the final length of the bed skirt.

Step 2. Measure around the edge of your box spring.

Start at the head of the box spring and measure along the side edge until you get to the half-way point of the rounded corner. This will be the final side panel width.

Start at the half-way point and measure to the other rounded corner. This will be the final foot panel width.

Step 3. Referring to the measurements in Step 1, cut your lining to the following cut dimensions:

Lining Cut width = lining width - 1"

Lining Cut length = lining length - 1/2"

If you can, lay your cut lining on the box spring and trace the curved corners onto the lining. Round off the corners with your scissors.

Important note on the lining: The reason you cutting the lining slightly less than the box spring dimensions is that you're going to have the fabric of the skirt wrap over the top edges of the box spring. This way you won't have white lining sticking out from beneath your mattress!

You may need to piece your lining to achieve the cut dimensions above. Piece your lining panels with a 1/2" seam. Then serge or overlock the raw edges of the seam... you can use a zig zag stitch instead.

Step 4. Referring to the measurements in Step 1 and Step 2, cut your fabric to the following cut dimensions::

Sides (cut 2)
Fabric Cut width = final side panel width + 4"

Fabric Cut length = final bed skirt length + 1" + 2" + 1/2"

Fabric Cut width = final foot panel width + 4"

Fabric Cut length = final bed skirt length + 1" + 2" + 1/2"

Corner Panels (cut 2)
Fabric Cut width = 6" + 4"

Fabric Cut length = final bed skirt length + 1" + 2" + 1/2"

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