Thursday, December 29, 2005

How To Sew On Cording

Sewing cording onto your projects can really add that professional touch.

There are 3 types of cording you will find that you can sew to your projects.

Store bought cord with 1/2" fabric edge
Store bought cord without any fabric edge
Custom made cord that you make by wrapping fabric around welt cording and stitching leaving a 1/2" fabric edge.
The easiest kind of cord to work with is the cord with a fabric edge. This is the kind of cord that you use when sewing the cord along a seam.

And it's easy...

Step 1. Lay a fabric panel right side up

Step 2. Lay the cord on top of the fabric - aligning the raw edges

Step 3. Lay the lining or second panel of fabric right side DOWN on top of the fabric and cord aligning the same raw edge.

The cord will now be sandwiched in between the 2 layers.

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